What is aaml?

Updated: 4/28/2022
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AAML is "Ash And Misty Love". It is a group of people who are trying to get Misty back into the Pokemon episodes and hopefully even persuade the writers to get Ash and Misty to fall in love and to confess it, hopefully.

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Q: What is aaml?
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What are the best Pokemon couples?

Ash/Misty (Pokeshipping,gakishipping,twerpshipping,SatoKasu,AAML and whatever else people call it) Drew/May (Contestshipping,DAML)

Which Pokemon shipping has the best hints?

There isn't a "best" shipping, anyone has favorites one. Everyone has their own opinions, but the most supported one is AdvanceShipping, or AaML (Ash and May Love). -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Actually, the most supported is PokéShipping, since it is the oldest and said to have the best "hints".

What are the best Pokemon shippings?

Pokeshipping aka AAML (the shipping of Ash and Misty) Contestshipping aka DAML (the shipping of May and Drew) Im a different person from the one above XD... Um, there isnt really a 'best' shipping as everyone has their own opinions. But i know that the most popular shipping for Ash in Japan itself is Pearlshipping(Ash and Dawn...) and followed by Advanced shipping(Ash and May) and Negaishipping(Ash and Iris), while Pokeshipping...(Ash and Misty) kinda dead in Japan. Pokeshipping is different in the english version because its not canon, lots of Pokeshipping hints have no relation to the actual storyline...(for example, the pokemon movie: jirachi wishmaker, there is a hint that ash talked about Misty saying how he missed "an old friend of his", while in japanese, he is actually talking about how jirachi sleeping for a 1000 years is like just a blink of an eye...). Thats what i know so far, but i wont know of what is yet to happen(i cant predict the future) :P