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Q: What is a word describing a large party with lots of hawaiian food and live entertainment?
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How do you spell luow?

A luau is a traditional Hawaiian party or feast that is usually accompanied by entertainment.

What happens at a luau?

luau plural of lu·auNoun A Hawaiian party or feast, esp. one accompanied by entertainment.

Hawaiian Party?

form_title=Hawaiian Party form_header=Plan a luau with great entertainment, food and guests! Is this an indoor or outdoor event?= () Outdoor () Indoor () Both Please explain your event in detail. =_ What types of Hawaiian food would you like included?=_ Any specific requests or comments.=_

When was Hawaiian National Party created?

Hawaiian National Party was created in 1873.

When was Hawaiian National Liberal Party created?

Hawaiian National Liberal Party was created in 1892.

How do you say a Good By Party in Hawaiian?

Goodbye Party: well "Goodbye" in hawaiian is Aloha. Aloha is a greeting or or a "farewell" or to "show love" Also a big celebration ; such as a party is called a "Luau" in hawaiian. so it is " Aloha Luau" that is how you say "Goodbye Party" in Hawaiian

Does sell Hawaiian party supplies?

Absolutely! They have a lot of Hawaiian party supplies to choose from so get to looking!

Name something you have a hawaiian theme party?

You where a hula skirt and do hawaiian dances !

What is the Hawaiian word for party?


What does Hawaiian Luau mean?

A luau is very similar to a picnic, but also may include music, traditional dancing, and story telling.

Is there anywhere in Nashville that I can buy hawaiian party supplies?

You can buy Hawaiian party supplies at just about any party supply store. If the store that you visit doesn't have them you should ask to see if they can order them in for you.

What did children have for entertainment?

Children have many opportunities for entertainment like birthday party, pool party, visit at play land and play centers etc where children can get entertainment and enjoyment.