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Q: What is a stinging mechanism in a cnidocyte?
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The trigger mechanism of the nematocyst organelle of the stinging cnidocyte cell consists of a and a?

cnidocil ... opeerculum,,, for those Plato users

The scientific name for the stinging cell?


What are two types of stimuli that may cause a stinging cnidocyte cell to fire?

tactile and chemical

A poison-filled stinging structure within a cnidocyte that contains a tightly coiled dart is called a?


What are sea anemones stinging cells used for?

Cnidarians (Phylum Cnidaria; stinging animals, including sea anemones) use their stinging cells (properly called cnidocytes, Latin for "stinging chamber") in order to capture prey. The cnidocytes are basically a cellular-sized harpoon. When prey bumps into the cnidocyte, a trigger mechanism is activated and the harpoon rushes out. Some species add poisons for good measure. The tentacles are then able to draw food to the mouth, where it is digested and the waste expelled through the mouth (yes, they use their mouth as an anus).

What is the function of a cnidocyte cell?

The function of a cnidocyte cell is to paralyze an animal's prey for consumption.

What is a stinging cell cnidarian called?

A cnidocyte, cnidoblast, or nematocyte is a type of venomous cell unique to the phylum Cnidaria (corals, sea anemones, hydrae, jellyfish, etc.). The cnidocyte cell provides a means for them to catch prey and defend themselves from predators. A cnidocyte fires a structure that contains the toxin, from a characteristic sub-cellular organelle called a cnidocyst (also known as a cnida or nematocyst). This is responsible for the stings delivered by jellyfish.

Do bees only sting people?

Stinging is the self defense mechanism and can be used against any attacking animal.

What are small barbed harpoon inside a cnidocyte?


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What have scientists found out about jellyfish?

Jellyfish (and all cnidarians) stinging mechanism is the fastest cellular process in nature: cnidae, stinging (or sticking) filaments ejected by cnidocytes (stinging cells) receive an acceleration 40 thousands times bigger than earth gravity acceleration. Some jellyfish of the class Hydrozoa can rejuvenate to an early stadium , avoiding death. Japanese scientist proved that jellyfish contain substances that give benefit to human skin.

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