Best Answer is good. Loads of manga series, and little to none in ads or viruses.

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Q: What is a safe website where you can read manga and please do not say manga fox because that website has viruses.?
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Is one manga a bad website?

No.... It would help if you check it yourself, It'll prove "good". "good" is also vague... someone might consider onemanga "good" because it has pretty advertisements.(too vague>.>) ______________________________ well... it wouldn't actually count as a bad website... no viruses or anything. and manga comes from third parties.

Is one manga safe?

onemanga is oringinally a scanlations website (where third parties take the "raw" Japanese version of the manga and translate them) so if the publishers havn't licensed it, the manga continues to be posted onto the website. onemanga is even safer because you don't download files, therefore no viruses... on august 1st, onemanga's reading components have been shut down. that means manga lists and info are still up but you can't read for free anymore... D:

Are there any manga sites that have viruses? sometimes does.

What is manga high?

manga high is a students website.

Where can you download the manga D Cyber of the digimon manga in English from and for free? is a website where you can download episode of manga and read manga for free.

What website allows you to post your own manga even if it is a fanfiction manga?


Where is one manga blog? iz a great manga website.... has alot a manga u can read for free! There is also a website called that has tons of manga you can read online for free. I use it personally and i think it rocks.

Where can you read the manga your heavenly hockey club in online manga website?

You can read it at .

Where can dragon bal z manga be read online?

You can read the manga at this website;

What did Japanese invent?

manga of course (i think because im trying to research this and google and this website is no good at all)

Where can you find the pdfs for How To Draw Manga From Manga University?

On the Manga University website, there is a dropdown for "How to Draw Manga." If you click on this, it will show you tutorials and give links for downloads.

Why do you read manga in school?

Because Manga is awesome.