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its made from metal

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Q: What is a quick unpick made from?
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What are Quick unpick used for?

They are used for picking your nose

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What is an unpick or stitch ripper?

This is called a quick unpick...which is very sharp. But a seam ripper is the WORST TOOL INVENTED TO MAN!! It breaks very easily and and breaks your project... I recommend you not use the seam ripper and use the quick unpick (even though it's sharp). I'm telling you the seam ripper is dangerous...I made a saggy lunch box and it didn't work out because the seam ripper ruined it....Please I'M WARNING YOU please do not use this piece of equipment... You better watch out you better not cry you better not pout I'm telling you why seam rippers are really bad now!! TRUST me this rhyme is there to remind you of the safety precautions of this horrible tool please take my miraculous advice for the critical tool.... Tell me underneath this post if this was helpful to you because it certainly is my best advice for you ant to anyone who is planning on using this equipment in the future. Thank You For Your Time

What is used to unpick stitches?

would you believe , its called a 'quick unpick' it comes in a case much like a mascara case. the actual unpicker pushes into the holder, and to use it you pull out the unit, reverse it and push it back in. then, you have a holder with the unpicker at the other ende to the holder. Dave

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What is a stitch unpicker?

It is a small tool used to break or "unpick" a sewing stitch, sometimes referred to as a seam ripper