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An orchestra or a band.

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A Cymphony

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Q: What is a number of instruments playing together called?
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What is A number of instruments playing together?

An orchestra or a band.

What is an instrumental ensemble-or the number of instruments playing together-called?

It could either be named in accordance to the specific number of players, such as a quartet, or it could simply be called a chamber ensemble.

How many instruments are there all together in classical music?

there's not a set number of instruments in any musical

A group of musicians playing together?

A group of musicians can be called many things; by the context and the number of people playing together. General terms are: band, ensemble. More terms include: troupe, group; and in the military: corps. Orchestra, philharmonic & symphony often refer to groups consisting of classical instruments. In reference to the number of people performing together it may be appropriate to use collective names: 1 player: solo 2 players: duo/duet 3 players: trio 4 player: quartet 5 players: quintet

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