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Album song :- Unforgattable

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Q: What is a name of movie in which the song amplifier sang by Imran Khan?
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Is imran Khan singer a Indian?

Imran Khan is a dutch born Pakistani singer. He is from the Punjab in Pakistan from gujranwala.

What is imran Khan's daughters name?

Tyrian Khan White

What is the name of first album of imran khan?

Imran khan's first movie was qayamat se qayamat tak. He played a child artist in that movie. After he grew up he started to play lead roles in many other movies.

What is the mother name of Imran khan singer?

imran ap namaz phadte

How many album does imran Khan have?

Imran khan have one album which name is unforgettable.

Imran khan wife name?

Imran Abbas's wife name is Aleeza Abbas and she just looks like imran Abbas.. the couple is just made for each other :)

What is father's name of imran khan?

Brian Lara.

Is Imran Khan nephew of aamir khan?

Yes. Imran Khan is the nephew of Aamir Khan.

name the leaders of pakistan which studied in aligarh university?

Imran khan

Which Pakistani player have his name at the hall of fame at lords?

Imran khan

Who was Pakistan world cup winning captaim?

His name is Imran Khan in 1992

Is actor imran khan a muslim?

Yes. Actor imran khan is a muslim. He was born and brought up in a muslim family. He is also a bollywood actor and came into industry because of amir khan. He acts well and has a few hits under his name.