What is a lay client?

Updated: 4/28/2022
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Someone acting on behalf of another

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Q: What is a lay client?
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What is a client PC?

what is the fuction of a client Pc The client is a function in a Client/Server on a network. you can be a Client in school or work or at home..

What is a sentence with the word client?

His client decided not to go ahead with the deal.My client is late today.My preferred email client is Gmail.

When does attorney-client privilege not apply to attorney-client communications?

Attorney-client privilege does not apply to the identity of the client.

What is a client brief in construction. Is a client brief the same as a design brief?

The client brief and the design brief are not the same. The client brief states the client's issue and what the client expects. The design brief has to do with the design of the project.

When working in the community what does it mean to you to be client centred?

First and foremost, the client-centered approach means that services to the client must be focused on the needs of the client from the client's perspective.

What is a client sever?

A server for a client

Where would you get relevant information given by a client?

The answer is in your question "given by a client" - that means from the client.

What is LCS Client?

LoCation Service (LCS) Location Services Client (LCS Client)

What is a personal computer on a network that requests resources is called?

Client Computer

What is a zero client?

A zero client is another term for a thin client, a computing term for a minimal client which relies on the server to do most of its processing.

What is the difference between thin client and thick client?

Thick Client : Processing is done on client side. eg: Applets.Thin client : Processing is done on server Yahoo, hotmail, etc.