What is a kooger?

Updated: 4/28/2022
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koogers are killers the guy fredy kooger he is real he killed a guy. he on earth run away it happen in 1996 and he is know 2010 he kills all day i know he a actor not no more he a real killer.

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Q: What is a kooger?
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Is fredy kooger real?

No but Freddy Krueger is!

Which animal comes out at night and begins with k?

I believe a kooger, a kangaroo, Kayote :)

Who played Freddie kooger?

If you mean Freddy Krueger From nightmare on elm street then Robert Englund and Jackie Earle Haley Have both played him.

When was the company ING Annunities created?

The company ING Annuities was created in 1991 through a company merger but it was established in 1743 as Kooger Doodenbos. It is Dutch multinational banking company head quartered in Amsterdam.

What is the importance of freddy from ready freddy?

dont sleep my hand was bleeding im tyler freddy kooger the actor is a real killer check my hands it o no freddy got my hands you are all stopet. yes im a killer

How did Freddy get his powers?

freddy kooger does not have powers but he came back to life he is a actor but he died in 1994 he came back from a doctor and he made movies about him. freddy vs jason. then in 2000 he kills everybody in 1998 too. 2010 he had died and made his real nife in elm steet. he is real reright freddy is real killer people. he hunts your dreams run. i omost died too.