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Remake, re-run or retread, the latter also applied to re-furbished tires. It is not the most original form of filmmaking.

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remake :)

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Q: What is a film that has a similar story and title to a film made earlier?
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Is there a film called deathcount?

We cannot find a film with this title. However there is a similar title, Body Count, starring David Caruso and Forest Whitaker.

Is there a film called Return of the Belstone Fox?

We cannot locate this title. However we did find a similar title - The Belstone Fox.

Who directed the 2004 film Hulchul?

The 2004 Hindi film Hulchul was directed by the Indian film director Priyadarshan. The story of this film was adapted from the 1991 Malayalam film title Godfather.

What is Story of a Starry Night the film theme?

The International Movie Data Base does not know of such a title.

Is there a film called Jack 2?

We did not locate a film called Jack 2. There is a similar title, however, Two Jacks. Maybe that is what you were looking for?

What the name of the film after Tinkerbell and the great fairy rescue?

They haven't settled on a final title. The working title is Tinker Bell: A Winter Story.

Why this movie called silnce of the lambs?

If you pay close attention during the film, Clarice tells a story from her childhood that explains the title of the film.

What is complete title of the 1975 movie The Story of..... H?

The Story of Adele H, daughter of author Victor Hugo. It is a beautiful French film, directed by Francois Truffaut, starring Isabelle Adjani in the title role.

Hindi film letöltés koi mil gaya?

koi mil gaya was an alien related film. The story is very similar to Steven Spielberg movie.

What does the title Cinderella mean in relation to the film as a whole?

The title of a film should have some relation to the main theme of the film. For instance: Saving Private Ryan - is a war film based on saving a private soldier, with other story lines interwoven within the main theme. A film entitled Cinderella would or should be a film/cartoon based on the children's fairytale of Cinderella. The film, Enemy at the Gates, is a true story during the Battle for Stalingrad, but you wouldn't know that Stalingrad and World War II was involved simply from the title.

What was the name of the actress that played in the movie Josephine Baker?

Lynn Whitfield played the title role in the 1991 film The Josephine Baker Story

What is a film title?

titl in the movies film titanic