What is a calavera?

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A Calavera or "Calaverita" is kind of poem that is written about trivial things and the living. Also some verses can talked about somebody or something funny and always with humor but mixing the dead with the living. During

For example, students can writte Calaveritas about the school, classes, teachers or other students. During Nov-02 mexican celebration, it's very common teachers request Calaveritas to the students and they read them at the class on Nov-02 "The day of dead". At the office, in similar way, people share Calaveritas about the company, coworkers, the job or the managers. :-)

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Q: What is a calavera?
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La Calavera Catrina is an etching done by a Mexican by the name of Jose Guadalupe Posada.Since its release in 1913 it has become a part of Mexican imagery.La Calavera Catrina is part of a series of calaveras in which Posada drew famous figures posed as skeletons.

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