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They are, in ascending order

The Ichibi, Shukaku, a giant raccoon made of sand, used to be sealed in our favorite Sand Ninja, Gaara

The Nibi, Bakeneko, a cat made of hot-as-hell blue fire, used to be sealed in Yugito Nii of the Cloud Village, now deceased.

The Sanbi, Kyodaigame, a huge honkin' turtle with lobster tails, used to be sealed in Yagura, the Fourth Mizukage, now deceased

The Yonbi, Saru, a great hairy monkey that flung lava rather than feces,used to be sealed in Roushi of the Rock Village, now deceased

The Gobi, Irukauma, a bizzare-o dolphin horse hybrid, used to be sealed in Han of the Rock Village, now deceased

The Rokubi, Namekuji, a giant slug that spits out bubbles, used to be sealed in Utakata of the Mist Village, now deceased

The Nanabi, Kabutomushi, a gigantic beetle with six wings and a torpedo stinger, used to be sealed in Fuu of the Waterfall Village, now deceased.

The Hachibi, Ushi-Oni, a towering montrosity of a bull with octopus tentacles!!! Sealed in the mad ninja ma jinja gangsta playa, Kirabi.

Kyubi, Kitsune, sealed a way int he guy we all know and love, who will keep fighting and become the world's greates Hokage BELIEVE IT !!!!

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Q: What is a bijuu?
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Where are the bijuu sealed?

Where the Bijuu are sealed is really only depending on which group you're talking about. In the Akatsuki, Pein summons the King of Hell statues to hold the bijuu until they're ready to be used. In the villages, they seal the bijuu into children who they think can hold the bijuu. If they cannot find a suitable host for the bijuu, then they seal the bijuu into an object. In example, the Ichibi was sealed into a pot until they inserted the Ichibi directly into Gaara, who was still in his mother's womb. Hope I helped. >3>

Is Sora a bijuu?


What is narutos bijuu?

Kurama, the nine-tailed fox.

What is a jinchuriki?

A Jinchuuriki is a person who has a Bijuu sealed inside their body.

What are the names of the bijuu?

Kyuubi - Kurama Yonbi - Son Goku Ichibi - Shukaku

Is there a wolf bijuu?

Gobi (5-Tails) is a 5-tailed wolf, I think.

Is Kisame the 10 tailed bijuu?

No. Kisame was only said to have a chakra as powerful as one of a junchuuriki. The 10 tailed Bijuu was split up into the Bijuus as we know them today (1-9). Its body currently resides on the moon.

Is the kyuubi real?

Kishimoto is very superstitious. The 9 Bijuu come from Japanese mythology.

What does 'bijuu' mean in English?

(liquid) nasal mucus; nasal discharge; pituita; snot;

Nine tailed fox have unlimited chakra?

Yeah it has unilimited chakra that's why Its the strongest bijuu

Is kyuubi Naruto's mother?

Um...O.o No. Kyuubi is the title of the bijuu sealed inside of Naruto. Naruto's mother was Uzumaki Kushina.

What is a bijju animal?

A bijuu is a tailed beast and considered q demon in the World of Naruto. Japanese mythology also makes references to this beast.