What is a backgrounder?

Updated: 4/28/2022
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A background is a social heritage, a part of a picture denoting scenery behind the main subject, information relating to past events, or an image over which a computer's desktop items are shown.

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A backgrounder is an official briefing or document which gives background information.

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Q: What is a backgrounder?
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What is the N sign on the status bar on iphone?

It means your Backgrounder app is running in the Native status.

What is the common for a software program that appears to perform one task but secretly performs another activity?

backgrounder with silent install

What do you do to hit people in graalonline classic for ipod touch?

This is not an answer but i have it jailbroken and have backgrounder and ifile so i can hack into but i cant figure out what to change and if you know how to walk through walls and get on roofs please tell me...

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Why won't Pandora run in the background of my iPhone running 4.0?

You could be using an iPhone 3G or first gen iPhone which doesn't allow multitasking because of RAM limitations. Or, you may need to update Pandora to its latest version (3.1.1). If you are using an early gen iPhone, try jailbreaking. You would need to modify a .plist in your phone to allow multitasking -- or download "backgrounder" from Cydia.

What is an ITIL course and where can I take one?

Understand and implement ITIL Service Support without shedding blood! The ITIL Heroes Handbook gives you a quick backgrounder on ITIL basics and dives deep into ITIL Service Support with examples drawn from customers. It packs some action; you get to implement a Service Desk to understand how easy it is. Oh, I almost forgot the comic approach keeps you awake while you are trying to read all the stuff.

How do you run Pandora music in the background on an iPhone 3g?

Unfortunately, due to the lack of RAM (Random Access Memory), which is used when a program is currently being used, the amount of memory is not sufficient enough to "safely" run multiple applications on the iPhone 3G. However, if you were to jailbreak your iPhone (note this is now legal), you could install an application through Cydia known as Backgrounder, which enables you to run multiple applications on the iPhone 3G. Note that I am giving you a warning that in doing so, you could alter your iPhone to a state which could "brick your iPhone". This could be done if you try to uninstall Backgrounder while you are currently using it. How do I know? I bricked mine. Just be safe with it and you should have no problems. I would recommend limiting your multiple apps to about 2-3 MAX at once. I see no need for anyone to run more than 2 apps at once anyways (a media player and then another application). Good luck! -3G 8GB jailbroken. Originally had 4.0iOS and reverted back to 3.13 because it sucked. Yes it IS possible to revert.

Does light effect the rate at which foods spoil?

Almost all foods are exposed to light from natural and/or artificial sources. The exposure of foods to light can result in the photodegradation (or spoilage) of these products. This photodegradation usually occurs in food constituents, such as pigments, fats, proteins, and vitamins and results in discoloration, off-flavor development, and vitamin losses. The light that is absorbed by the food can cause deteriorative reactions of the food constituents. In most solid foods, the light only penetrates the outer layer of the product and photodegradation occurs in this surface layer. Discoloration on the surface of foods can certainly affect consumer acceptance of these products. In liquid foods, light penetration can be greater and with mixing of the products due to agitation, larger portions of food constituents may be deteriorated. The light sensitivity of a food depends on many factors including the: light source strength and type of light that it emits; distance of the light source form the food; length of exposure optical properties of the packaging materials; oxygen concentration of the food; and the temperature. The information found in this backgrounder was adapted from a series of fact sheets developed by Dr. Robert Gravani, Cornell University

Why would one sterilize a heifer?

Heifers are not usually sterilized, they are usually kept for breeding purposes. However, in the case that the heifer is mean during heat cycles or has something wrong with her reproductive tracts then the farmer may decide to sterilize the heifer. Normally, they would just be sent for slaughter if this is the case.Another opinion:Heifers would be sterilized or spayed (by surgical removal of the ovaries) because they are not conformationally viable to be used in the breeding herd (i.e., too small in size, pelvic area too small, poor conformation, etc.), and because the stocker or backgrounder feeding these heifers before slaughter doesn't want to waste the money to buy drugs to keep the heifers from going into heat all the time. A hormonal drug called MGA is used for this, but can be costly to administer to feeder heifers all the time, and impossible to feed to heifers if they're out on pasture all the time. A spay program is then set up so that all the heifers that are not suitable for breeding and used for beef are spayed, minimizing costs on drugs and feed and allowing the manager/producer more time for other things other than having to worry about when the heifers have to be administered with MGA again.Spaying unwanted heifers also decreases the issues that may occur if a bull caught the scent of a heifer in heat and wrecked some fences in order to get at her. It also decreases the loss of production and increases weight gain because, when a heifer is in heat, she spends most of her time looking for a mate, pacing around and bawling and getting the other herd members riled up. This tends to, though temporarily, decrease weight gain and feed intake during that time the heifer is in heat.So it's all down to production costs and intention on increasing weight gain that would give a producer reason to spay stocker/feeder heifers.

What is the weegee hyper virus?

First of all you get the Weegee virus by certain youtube or youtubepoop videos that partically have to do with Weegee,or when you click certain pictures of Weegee.What happens is that your screen turns black and starts playing this really creepy music.Then an image of Weegee pops up and says something really weird,and then destroys your entire pc.If your computer shows signs of having the Weegee virus.(such as randoms pop ups of Weegee or youtube ads)completely shut down your computer and take it to a well trained computer tech.Make sure it's gone it will f*** your s*** up.