What is a Tunechi?

Updated: 8/31/2023
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lil waynes nickname. grandma called him tune n he added the chi.

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Q: What is a Tunechi?
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Is tunechi a demon?


What does the ghetto slang word tunechi mean?

Tunechi is not a ghetto slang. It originated from lil wayne who uses it a lot in his songs. In actuality tunechi is like another nickname lil wayne has given himself like weezy. Only tunechi originated or was inspired by his grandmother who started calling him tune and he added chi to the end to make it sound almost or to the equavilent of gucci

What does tunechi mean?

What does lil Wayne mean by tunechi ? Tunchi is his nick name that his grandma gave him when he was little the real name was tunchieliounchis but he Shortened it up a little :)giggles my homes lol frangnog

How many alias' does Lil Wayne have?

Lil WayneLil WeezyWeezyWeezy FWeezy F BabyTunechiLil TunechiYoung TunafishBirdman Jr.Young MoneyYoung MulaCash MoneyFiremanYoung Carter

What does tunchieliounchis mean?

It means Dwayne Michael Carter aka Lil' Wayne aka Lil' Weezy aka Lil Tune aka Tunechi...tunchieliounchis is the full name he came up with, his grandma called him lil tune, he added the chi, to make it like gucci! Tunechi's Back!

What are three major physical features located near Huang He River?

Oh My Gawrd, Becky LOOK At Her Butt, TUNECHI!

How many part of lil waynes body cover by tattoo?

all parts of his body except his testicles (he has a dick tatoo that reads "tunechi")

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photic and aphotic derive their names fron the root word photo means light that is photic and aphotic zone differ each other in amount of light reaching there photic zone is directly lit up by by solar energy while aphotic zone is perpetually dark inhabiting least amount of floran fauna

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Ask Mr.Myers! Go figure out yourself.... OMG BECKY LOOK AT HER CHEEKS TUNECHI!

Who would win ymcmb or Taylor gang?

YMCMB all of the way there is noway they can beat tunechi, drizzy, tyga, nicki, mack maine, busta, lil twist, bow wow, etc...

What does lil Wayne mean by tunechi li?

Tunchie is his nick name dat his grandma gave him when he was little the real name was tunchieliounchis but he shoterned it down to tunchie den lil tune den tune

Why does Lil Wayne say Lil tuchi?

lil Wayne grandma used to call him lil tune when he was younger he juss added the chi cuz it sounded good to him so he calls himself lil tunechi