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Ladder Rank determins your rank, such as Chunnin or Jounin. This allows access to more missions to unlock better characters.

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2009-04-15 11:48:13
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Q: What is a Ladder Rank in Naruto arena?
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How do you get a ladder rank in Naruto-arena?

fight a ladder battle and win

Missions in Naruto arena?

There are lots of missions in Naruto Arena. Just click "Missions" and which rank you want.

How do you get kyuubi Naruto in Naruto arena?

rise of jinchuruki in the b rank missions

Kyuubi Naruto on Naruto arena?

There is a Kyuubi Naruto on Naruto Arena. You must complete a certain Mission first. I'm pretty sure it's B-rank.

How do you raise rank in Naruto-arena?

Battle pplz and win against them!!

What level is chunin on Naruto arena?

go on 'game' and then go on ninja ladder icon for that is:

How do you ecome a jounin in Naruto arena?

to become a jounin you must win in ladder battle

How do you unlock all people on Naruto arena?

The key is to get your rank up and do all the missions.

Does private game count for misions in Naruto arena?

no....but quick game does n ladder exp+missions

How do you do missions in Naruto arena in PC?

Doing missions on Naruto-Arena is very easy. They are not part of the game, but run in the background. First make sure your ninja rank is correct with the mission rank. Ex: Be a Genin to do a Genin mission Then, look at what you have to do on the mission. Ex: If you need to beat 12 people with Sasuke, put Sasuke on your team, then beat 12 people through ladder matches or quick games.

Do private battles on Naruto arena give you exp?

No only ladder matches will.You can do missions in quick matches

What comes after jounin on naruto arena?

sannin. then hokage, but no one in the game has got up to that rank yet

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