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You need two computers in order to do that.

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Q: In naruto arena how do you have 2 characters log in at once?
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How do you change your profile picture in naruto-arena?

Log into Naruto arena then press 'Change Avatar' on the sidebar and choose what picture you want. There is more than one page.

How do you find the URL for naruto-arena backgrounds?

go to Google click images then type in whatever you want then click if it says jpg then click copy go to naruto arena log in and go to custom backgrounds then paste the URL

Where do you type a password on naruto arena?

You would not be able to type an another account's password unless the present account is logged out. Make that sure. On one of the sides it will say 'Naruto-Arena Forums' under that it says 'Login' . It will ask you your username then on the bottom it will say password. There you type your password in then click 'Sign In'/Log in.

How do you log in avatar legends of the arena?

first you have to make an account on then you use that account to log into avatar legends of the arena and you have to download the game to play

How do you log in three characters at once in tamagotchi music city?

u just log in one character and click log in again and enter the other tama's password! u don't get 3 tamas on the screen, though.

How do you get a log in on avatar legends of the arena?

You use your login

How do you get more street cred in stick arena ballistick?

log in every 8 HOURS

Tamagotchi v5 log out code?

once you are log in you will see your tamagotchi on screen. then it will say your log out number.

How do you get credit on stick arena ballistick?

You have to first log in, then you go to "BALLISTIC SHOP" at the top and there goes your money.

How do you get kreds on stick arena ballistik?

Log in every 7-8 hours and click the Shop tab.

How do you get credits on Pokemon battle arena?

U can either Donate and get a golden Pokemon or just log in daily

Does Naruto know that Hinata likes him?

During Naruto's fight with Pain, Hinata tells Naruto that she loves him. Right after that, when Pain hurt Hinata, Naruto transforms. Since then it hasn't been brought up. Hopefully he didn't forget.