What is a DMD Album?

Updated: 4/28/2022
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Somewhere in the depth of the internet I found the term "Digital music distribution". Maybe this is what the abbreviation "DMD album" in album names stands for: An album for digitial distribution, that somewhat differs from its CD counterpart in that it has additional tracks, not being bound by the 90 minute limit a CD has.

Another answer, probably wrong:

a company distributing Indonesian music on iTunes. As most Indonesian CDs are not distributed outside Indonesia, its iTunes recordings are one of the few means of obtaining popular Indonesian music outside of Indonesia, Malaysia and Singapore.

Equinox DMD, a subsidiary of Equinox Publishing, was founded in February 2006 to distribute music from Indonesia to the iTunes Store. As of March 2007, Equinox DMD represents over 200 bands with 300 albums.

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Q: What is a DMD Album?
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