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A Bartholin abscess is an abscess located in the Bartholin's gland.

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Q: What is a Bartholin abscess?
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What is a fluid filled mass on your inner labia called?

A fluid-filled mass on the inner labia is commonly known as a Bartholin's cyst. It occurs when the Bartholin's glands, which are located on either side of the vaginal opening, become blocked and the fluid accumulates, forming a cyst. If the cyst becomes infected, it may be referred to as a Bartholin's abscess.

Are bartholin's glands named after erasmus bartholin?

No; Caspar Bartholin the Younger (aka Caspar Bartholin Secundus).

What is a Bartholin cysts?

A Bartholin's cyst is formed when a Bartholin's gland (two glands located slightly below and to the left and right of the opening of the vagina in women. They secrete mucus to provide lubrication.2) is blocked, causing a cyst to develop. If infection sets in, the result is a Bartholin's abscess. If the infection is severe or repeated a surgical procedure known as marsupialization may be required to stop further recurrences. Most of the time, a Bartholin's cyst is not an infection, although it can be caused by an infection. The cysts that are infected, however, are called abscesses. A cyst can grow from the size of a penny to almost the size of a whole orange but most of them can only reach the size of a Golf ball. Cysts can be sexually transmitted by the germs that are contained in the cysts. 1. 2.

You get swollen just on the right hand side of the hole of your vagina and sometimes you hurt when your partner puts his penis in you have to go slow to start and sometimes you can not go at all HELP?

You should have ob/gyn check out your Bartholin's gland for a cyst or infection. Although unusual, it is possible for the Bartholin's glands to become irritated or infected, resulting in pain.[4] If the duct becomes obstructed, a Bartholin's cyst can develop, and a Bartholin's cyst in turn can become infected and form an abscess. Carcinoma of the gland is rare, but benign tumors and hyperplasia are even more rare.

What is Rasmus Bartholin's birthday?

Rasmus Bartholin was born on August 13, 1625.

When was Rasmus Bartholin born?

Rasmus Bartholin was born on August 13, 1625.

What is Thomas Bartholin's birthday?

Thomas Bartholin was born on October 20, 1616.

When was Thomas Bartholin born?

Thomas Bartholin was born on October 20, 1616.

When did Caspar Bartholin the Younger die?

Caspar Bartholin the Younger died in 1738.

When was Caspar Bartholin the Younger born?

Caspar Bartholin the Younger was born in 1655.

When was Gustav Bartholin Hagen born?

Gustav Bartholin Hagen was born in 1873.

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