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Its was Me Richard I'm From Montreal Quebec Canada

I'm just let you know about how you feel Edge he don Love you

anymore He have Wife Beth Phoenix

why you love me Lita I Do Please Come with me

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Richard Ng

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3y ago
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Answer 216-561-1818.

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Matin imtiyaj shaikh

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3y ago

Lita number

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Q: What is WWE lita's phonenumber?
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What is the name of litas WWE theme?

Its called 'Lovefurypassionenergy' by Boy Hits Car.

What is WWE litas email address?

WikiAnswers does not provide e-mail addresses.

What is WWE litas real name?

Amy Christine Dumas

What is the national currency of Lithuania?

It is called litas. £1 pound is around 3.80 litas. Lithuanian money is called Litas (LTL). Their own money, litas.

What is maryse real phonenumber?

8675309 THe WWE superstars/divas do not give out their phone numbers to the fans, this is done for their privacy and secutiry and that of their family

When was Lithuanian litas created?

Lithuanian litas was created in 1922.

How many times a strip show has taken place in WWE ring?

lits and edge had sex party and litas boob was shown and ecw had strip poker

Did Kane kill litas baby?


How do you email a metropcs customer androia huawei?

send the email to or

What is WWE diva lita real name?

i don't get it,why do people not no what litas real name is.Matt hardy has said it about 1000 times.her real name is Amy dumas.

Was litas baby's Kane?

No it was just a storyline

What is litas real name?

Amy Dumas