What is Vivendi Universal?

Updated: 9/19/2023
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Vivendi Universal, a Franco-American group diversified in media, telecommunications, and environmental services

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Q: What is Vivendi Universal?
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Who is the owner of Universal Studios?

vivendi universal a french company

When did GE buy NBC?

GE owned NBC and in 2004 they merged with Vivendi Universal Entertainment to create NBC Universal. GE owns 80% and Vivendi owns 20%.

Founded as a water company under Napoleon III what French corporation acquired Universal Studios?


What is the population of Vivendi?

Vivendi's population is 2,011.

Who is the owner of virgin records?

Virgin Records is part of Universal Music Group, which is a subsidiary of Vivendi SA, which is a publicly-held multi-national corporation registered in France. Shares of Vivendi are owned, directly or indirectly (through mutual funds) by millions of people.

When was Vivendi created?

Vivendi was created on 1853-12-14.

When was Vivendi Games created?

Vivendi Games was created in 1993.

When did Vivendi Games end?

Vivendi Games ended in 2008.

When was Vivendi Entertainment created?

Vivendi Entertainment was created in 2000-12.

When was Motown records relocated?

sold out to universal? why? envy and dilution. It was not sold directly to Universal. Motown Record changed hands several times after Berry Gordy sold it to MCA records, then Vivendi, then to Universal. It is not clear if the MCA sell to Vivendi was through acquistion or outright purchase. As with it becoming property of Universal Corporation. Berry Gordy still owns the significant publishing rights to the Jobete works that most recorded titles were published under. As well as dual-owned publishing branches.

Who are the makers of crash twin sanity?

The 2004 PlayStation 2 and Xbox game Crash Twinsanity was developed by Traveller's Tales and published by Vivendi Universal Games.

What is mondus vivendi?

Mondus Vivendi is known to be Latin phrase Mondus meaning mode, way and Vivendi meaning living. It is when people agree with people who have different opinions which is agreed to disagree.