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Dear Stephanie McMahon: my Name is John Hudson my number one goal is to become a Wwe superstar I was born with epilepsy and my brain didn't properly formed right and then when I graduated High School several weeks later I had to do brain surgery on my brain not one but too surgery's on my brain the 1st one is they opened up my head and what was wrong with me when they got through looking the people that dose surgery they stattpled my head together with big 62 stattples and now the main part started with the 2nd surgery they had to put me asleep when I was asleep they found too black spot in my brain they took out the 1st one but the doctor said if we take out the other one they said I'll be paralyzed for life so I didn't want to chance it

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As far I know, Stephanie McMahon does not have a fan email address. The only way to contact her would be through Most celebrities tend to not post emails as they tend to go viral the moment they are published. It also leads to stalking, threatening messaging, etc. You can contact her through actual mail but be aware mail at WWE Corporate will most likely go through a screening process. Hope this helps.

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My goal is to become a wwe superstar

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Q: What is Stephanie McMahon fan mail address?
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Stephanie McMahon's email address is not known. Her fan mail address is: Stephanie McMahon, WWE, Inc.1241 East Main Street, Stamford, CT 06902.

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No fan mail address is known for this celebrity at this time. The personal address of politicians, celebrities, singers, bands, actors and models are not made available to the general public for privacy and safety concerns.

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there is a fan email address on my profile Wili will not allow it to be posted on here even though they received an email from Stephanie McMahon saying it could be posted.

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the fan email is in my profile. Wiki will not allow it to be in the answers even though Stephanie McMahon wrote them from that address and told them it was okay

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