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Q: What is Screw Kazuki's real name?
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What is the real name of DJ Screw?

The real name of DJ Screw is simply Robert Earl Davis, Jr or more commonly known by his other nickname The Originator. His nickname of DJ Screw came from a friend of his, after Robert Earl defaced a record with a screw because he didn't like it. However, the nickname The Originator was earned by Robert Earl for being the creator of the "Chopped and Screwed" DJ technique that is popular today.

How do you screw it real good?

A three inch deck screw will typically hold anything.

What is the real name of Ryan Foxxx?

He is a 22 year old guy that is from the UK... He is a great bottom and rarely tops... His real name is not important, but he can be a good screw... If we're talking about the same Ryan Foxxx from places like then His real name is Jeff and actually he's from here in SoCal.

What is the birth name of DJ Screw?

DJ Screw's birth name is Robert Earl Davis Jr..

How does a screw help people in the real world?

Used as fasteners, a fan or ships propeller is a form of screw, etc.

What does the name Neji mean?


What is an archimedean screw?

An Archimedean screw is another name for an Archimedes' screw, a screw which, when twisted inside a cylinder, raises water from a lower level to a higher level, allowing irrigation of fields.

What real life examples can a screw be used?

If you have to hang a picture or something on the wall.

Are the wives in Screw your Wife Please real amateurs?

i don't think so

What is a real word of examples of examples of how a screw is used?

A screw may be used to fasten materials such as wood or metal to each other. Sometimes, a screw is left protruding from the surface of a wall, to be used as a portrait-hanger.

What was the name of the person who invented the screw?

Archimedes of Syracuse invented the water screw, and Sir Joseph Whitworth invented the first standard screw thread system.

What is the scientific name or taxonomic classification of the Screw Pine?

The scientific name of the Screw Pine is Pandanus. It belongs to the family Pandanaceae within the order Pandanales.