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windmill raesagun. which at the time was an incomplete jutsu by the 4th hokage.

eventually Naruto learned about this incomplete jutsu after being told by kakashi sensei. Naruto needed to complete this (or any new justu) so he wouldn't have to rely on the power of the Nine-tailed Fox. after kakashi sensei came up with this genious plan to make years of training into mear days ...and how you might ask? watch the sesons to much to explain naruto invented it and it is the best

i think it would be vermillon rasengan,chidori lamet, odma rasengan and double chidori quake

I'm a ninth degree black belt in Ninjutsu. I would recommend Dr. Masaaki Hatsumi's Bujinkan organization for authentic Ninjutsu instruction. He is the Soke and headmaster of nine separate martial arts. He currently is teaching those arts to nine masters of Western Ninjutsu, a tenth art that originated in the U.S. Central Intelligence Agency. Ninjutsu is a great martial art that offers some of the best internal training around - the emotional feeling of the training is a wonderful treat that you have to experience to fully understand. Dr. Hatsumi has a cousin named Tanemura who leads an organization called the Genbukan and there is an instructor in Indonesia who is teaching a personally crafted system that resembles Brazilian Jujutsu, but I would recommend the Bujinkan as the best Ninjutsu around. Dr. Hatsumi has been investigated by Japanese scholars to validate the authenticity of his lineage and Japan's government has called him a National Treasure because he has rooms full of scrolls that are nine hundred years old to prove he is the true Grandmaster of all Ninjas.

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by:jero---first of all there are may types of jutsu... such as:fuuinjutsu,ninjutsu,genjutsu, each type there ultimate techniques developed..... i think those ultimate jutsus in each type are the most powerful jutsu's....

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FIRST ANSWER - the strongest jutsu in naruto shippuden is most definately THE SUNSANOO! it has the most powerful defense and the best offence.^^so yea!

SECOND ANSWER - the strongest offensive jutsu is probably Shinra Tensei.

the best tactical and effective jutsu is probably Izanagi.

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His most powerful jutsu at least in part one is his Chidori.

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Q: What is Sasuke's most powerful jutsu?
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Is fuuton:rasen shurinken the most powerful jutsu?

it is the most powerful type of jutsu or technique

What is the most poerful jutsu Naruto has?

his most powerful jutsu is rasen-shuriken

What is the most powerful ocular jutsu?


What is the most powerful jutsu ever?

it is fuuton:rasenshirunken[wind element:sprailing shirunken]

What is the most stronger eye tichnique in naruto Shippuden?

In the series, the Rinnegan is usually considered the most powerful ocular jutsu by the characters.

Is Chibaku tensei the most powerful jutsu?

No, There is a jutsu where naruto becomes a toad, and is unstoppable, he does so when fighting the leader of the Akatsuki, Pain, idk how to spell his name, but there are still more powerful jutsus being created and published from Masashi Kishimoto's excellent mind.

What is the most powerful jutsu?

Definetly the tailed beast bomb and Naruto and the fourth hokage are the strongest ninja along with Madara Uchiha.

What is the most powerful water jutsu?

The strongest jutsu is used by Hozuma Uchiha called:Hidden GOD Jutsu:Golden Diamond Light of Destiny Rasengan.This jutsu was seen in:Naruto phantoms darkness-the final far in the manga reading and the episodes the jutsu that is currently the strongest and said and recognized by madara himself is ULTIMATE JUTSU -planetary construction- performed by pain(nagato) in the second attack on the villiage hidden in the leaves.

What jutsu is more powerful than wind rasengan?

There are several techs which are more powerful, for instance, Amaterasu, Tsukuyomi, Susanoo, possibly Kirin.

What does it take to be Hokage?

Well, anyone can be hokage, but only really the strongest and most powerful are chosen for hokage.

Why did they delete the kissing episode of Sasuke and sakura?

Did you mean in the 3rd episode? They wasn't kissing. Naruto put Sasukes form on with henge no jutsu and he waned to kiss Sakura but... he had a little problem with his stomach at that moment so he rushed to the toilet.

Is Sasukes curse mark real?

Well, Sasuke's curse mark is real to HIM. Its not real in this world but of course in the world of he ninja the curse mark is a curse placed by Orochimaru to further advance a certain seal of dark jutsu.