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Rico from Hannah Montana is a Colombian/American boy. he is 14 years old right now and i guess hes a midget his name is Moises Aria's OK that is true but i had to change your spelling cause you misspelled alot of word's sorry.. :D

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i think it is Juarez. (haw-WAR-ez)

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Q: What is Rico from Hannah Montana last name?
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What is the last name of hannah montana in her last movie?

Hannah's last name is Montana. :)

What is recos name in Hannah Montana?

His name is Rico on Hannah Montana. His real name is Moises Arias.

Who acts rico in Hannah Montana?

his name is Moises Arias

What is Hannah Montana's last name on the show?


What is her last name on the Hannah Montana show?

her name is miley stewart in hannah montana but real name is miley cryus

What is actor Moises Arias character last name on the Hannah Montana show?

Moises playes Rico on the Disney channel show Hannah Montana. He is Jackson Stewart's boss who has ...a rather short temper. However as of right now, he has no last name, they may come up with oe in later episodes. Rico Suave

What is Hannah Montanas last name?

Hannah Montana's last name in Montana. Miley's (the character on the show) last name is Stewart. Miley's (the actress/singer) last name is Cyrus.

What is reko's real name from Hannah Montana?

Rico's real name is Moses Arias.

What is Hannah Montana first name?

First Name: Miley Last Name: Cyrus Hannah Montana is the same twin as her

Is mosis aris of Hannah Montana?

yes he is, he plays Rico whats-his-name. ;)

What are some unusual facts about Montana?

Hannah Montana's last name is montana

What is the Hannah Montana character Rico Suave's name in real life?

Moises Arius