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Q: What is Randy Orton fav basketball team?
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What is Randy Orton fav color?

Pink, dont 4get tough guys wear pink

What is john cena's fav basketball team?

The Boston Celtics

What is randy ortons favorite color?

Randy orton fav color is red he is my brother by magen orton PS i love you James Scott You are not Randys because she knows how to spell her name and you don't nor does she know anyone by the name of James Scott

When will edge return to the WWE 2012?

edge will return probably at unforgiven but theres a rumor he has a cancer! :( i wish hell return! NO that is not true what so ever A there is no more unforgiven well i don't think and B Edge left because he teared his achilies tendon in al live event in sandiago he faced Jeff hardy

When is roc royal's fav basketball team?


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What are Sheryl swoops favorites?

fav drink= lemonade fav color=sea foam green fav number=22 fav place=basketball Court

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His favorite sport is basketball

What is Justin Bieber's favorit basketball team?

Justin Biebers favorite basketball team is the LOS ANGELAS LAKERS.his favorite player from that team is, Kobe BryantHe loves the Los Angelos Lakers, and his fav player is Kobe Bryantlos angles lakersJustin Bieber fav. b-ball team is the Kentucky Wildcats because he likes John Callipari.According to an interview, she is quite a fan of England's national netball team. When asked to clarify if that's what she really meant, she said that's what she really meant.what is Justin biebers fav basketball team He likes the Cavs

What sport did Justin Bieber like?

hockey,basketball,baseballjbs fav spport is basketball. i think