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Our lovely Prince is probably at his house, sipping some champagne on his rainbow bed with diamonds and counting unicorns so he can can fall asleep and dream of la la land.

I really enjoyed his performances on TV. Please see the link below for the Prince's calendar.

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Prince Poppycock is now confirmed gay.

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Q: What is Prince Poppycock doing now?
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Is Prince Poppycock performing anywhere?

please tell me what Prince Poppycock is doing for a career.

When was Prince Poppycock born?

Prince Poppycock was born on 2010-09-01.

What is prince doing now?

He's publishing prince and times.

What song did prince poppycock sing in America's got talent?

he sang a few so far. but the first was largo al factotum.

Was prince poppy cock second in america's got talent 2010?

No, Prince Poppycock came in fourth. Michael Grimm won, Jackie Evancho came in second, and Fighting Gravity third.

Where did poppycock come from?

poppycock means horse feathers in dutch, so basically when someone says poppycock they are talking ben sherman bubbles, ok.

Who made it to the finals of America's got talent?

Michael Grimm, Prince Poppycock, Fighting Gravity and Jackie Evancho. Michael Grimm won the $1,000,000

What are Prince William's plans for his future and what is he doing now a days?

Prince William is doing Search & Rescue and he is planning to marry his fiancee Kate Middleton in Spring or Summer 2011.

Did Prince Poppycock win America's got talent 2010?

No, he came in fourth. Michael Grimm won, Jackie Evancho was second, and Fighting Gravity was third.

What does poppy cot mean?

i have known poppy cot to mean a prince or a term meaning darn. Actually the word you are probably thinking of is poppycock, which means nonsense.

When does America's got talent 2010 chose the winner?

This Wednesday, I believe. September 15th, to be exact. The finalsits are: Jackie Evancho, Fighting Gravity, Michael Grimm, and Prince Poppycock.

What is tomko doing now?

last I seen in magazines he is wrestling tagteam with Prince Albert A train in Japan