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Pepa real name is Poppy. i think.

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Q: What is Pepa's from salt and pepa real name?
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What did salt of salt and pepa die of?

Salt-N-Pepa isn't dead.

When was Salt-n-Pepa created?

Salt-n-Pepa was created in 1985.

When was A Salt with a Deadly Pepa created?

A Salt with a Deadly Pepa was created in 1987.

When was Salt-n-Pepa formed?

Salt-N-Pepa was formed in 1988.

Salt-n-Pepa original group name?

its chryl james

Who was one of salt's singing partners?

Pepa. (Or weren't you thinking of Salt-n-Pepa?)

Photos of Salt-n-Pepa kids?

Both of them have kids. Pepa has two and Salt has two also.

Did salt from the group salt and pepa die?


When was The Salt-N-Pepa Show created?

The Salt-N-Pepa Show was created on 2007-10-14.

When did The Salt-N-Pepa Show end?

The Salt-N-Pepa Show ended on 2008-03-24.

Can anyone think of a female rap group name?

Salt n pepa, supersonic

Did salt from salt n pepa have a nose ring?