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Panem is the future ruins of North America. Panem is divided up into 12 districts, and the Capitol, which is where the wealthy live. It is stated in the book that there used to be a 13th district, but President Snow said they blew it up because the district attempted to rebel against the Capitol. Panem is the setting for The Hunger Games.

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Q: What is Panem in The Hunger Games?
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What is the Hunger Games Nation?


What is the name of the Hunger Games nation?


What is the region that Panem is in in the Hunger Games?

North Carolina

How do you pronounce panem from The Hunger Games?

"Pan" "M"

What is the book called the Hunger Games all about?

The Hunger Games is about a country called Panem in the ruins of North America somewhat in the future and its annual competition, the Hunger Games. In the Hunger Games, the Capitol, the heart of Panem, forces the twelve surrounding districts to each send one boy and one girl to fight the other districts in Panem. And in the Hunger Games, there is only one rule: Stay Alive.

Where does the word 'Panem' come from in The Hunger Games books?

Panem is the name of the continent where The Hunger Games stories are set.The word "Panem" itself comes from an old Roman phrase, "panem et circenses". Which in English means "bread and circuses".

What town is the Hunger Games in in the movie?

The Hunger Games took place in the arena, in the nation of Panem. There are 13 districts in Panem (District 13 underground) and the Capitol is the ruling city.

What is the meaning of the book title the Hunger Games?

Every year in Panem, The Hunger Games occur. The story is of Katniss participating in the Hunger Games.

Is The Hunger Games global?

No, its only within the districts of Panem.

What country has ruled North America in the hunger games?


How do you say 'The Hunger Games' in Swedish?

Hungerspiele. But the books title is " Tribute von Panem "

How did panem get used in the Hunger Games?

Panem is the country that was created after the war destroyed North America. to pay back to everyone, they host the hunger games to sacrifice children to show their thanks