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Neiman Marcus is an upscale department store that sells a wide selection of clothing, jewelry, shoes, and other accessories. They also have an online store.

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They offer clothes, shoes, accessories, and makeup. Basically, think about stores like Macy's, JcPenny, Nortdstrom, etc. They offer those type of stuff.

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Neiman Marcus is a chain of department stores, not a person. However, the stores were named for those that founded them: A.L. Neiman, Carrie Marcus Neiman and Herbert Marcus.

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Q: What is Neiman Marcus and what does it do?
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Which company carries Neiman Marcus Jewelry?

There are many companies that carry Neiman Marcus Jewelry. Neiman Marcus Jewelry is carried by the Neiman marcus company itself, EBay, Overstock, Amazon.

What year was Neimann Marcus born in?

Neiman Marcus is a luxury retailer and was founded in 1907. It was started by Stanley Marcus father and aunt. Stanley Marcus sold the company to Carter Hale Stores.

What is the ticker symbol for Neiman Marcus?

The ticker symbol for Neiman Marcus Group is "NMG."

Where can one apply for a Neiman Marcus credit card?

Neiman Marcus is a luxury goods retailer, operating the Neiman Marcus and Bergdorf Goodman department stores. The Neiman Marcus credit card is called 'Incircle' and you can apply for it on the store's website or with a representative in store.

Who owns Neiman Marcus?

Neiman Marcus is owned by the larger group called Neiman Marcus Group. This group also owns the popular department store Bergdorf Goodman.

When was Carrie Marcus Neiman born?

Carrie Marcus Neiman was born on 1883-05-03.

When was Neiman Marcus Fashion Award created?

The Neiman Marcus Fashion Award was created in 1938 to recognize excellence in the fashion industry.

Neiman Marcus store that closes to me?

Depending on where you are, Neiman Marcus has a store locator that will show you the store nearest you.

A store that starts with N?

Neiman Marcus Naturalizer Shoes Nine West Shoes Nordstrom's

Who is the Junior's buyer for Neiman Marcus?

Information about specific buyers at Neiman Marcus is not typically publicly disclosed. The buying team at Neiman Marcus is responsible for selecting and purchasing merchandise for the store, and their identities are kept confidential.

Where are the headquarters of Niemann Marcus?

The headquarters for Neiman Marcus, know as The Neiman Marcus Group, is located in Dallas, Texas. They are housed in the Renaissance Tower in downtown Dallas.

Where can someone go to find a Neiman Marcus promo code?

Neiman Marcus promo codes are available directly from Neiman Marcus as well as at Retail Me Not, Brad's Deals, Deals PL, Bargain List, Dealigg, and Coupons.