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That would be Charles Esten, he may seem different in some pictures, but if you look closely, it's him!

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Q: What is Morgan Ross real name in Jessie?
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What is ravi's name from Jessie?

His real name is Karan Brar but his full name on Jessie is Rai Ross

What is Christina ross of Jessie real name?

Chistina moore

Who is the oldest out of the ross kids from Jessie in real life?

It's Emma Ross (Peyton List) is the oldest

What is Jessie's real name on Jessie?

Emma's real name is Peyton Roi List.

What is Jessie J real name?

Jessie J's real name is Jessica Ellen Cornish

What is Jessie j's real full name?

Jessica Ellen Cornish is Jessie J's real name (:

What is Rosie from Jessie real name?

Rosie name in Jessie is Kelly Gould

What is lily kettles real name?

Lily Kettle's real name is Jessie Rose Pickering.

What is the real life name of Jessie on Where is Jessie?

Debby Ryan

Who is everyone real name in Jessie on disney channel?

Main cast Jessie: Debby Ryan Bertram: Kevin Chamberlin Zuri: Skai Jackson Ravi: Karan Brar Emma: Payton List Luke: Cameron Boyce Tony: Chris Gayla Christina (mom): Christina Moore Morgan (dad): Charles Esten

What is Jim ross real name?

If you are talking about the wrestler Jim ross then his real name is James William Ross.

What is Diana Ross's real name?

her real name is Diana Ernestine Earle Ross