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It is called 'The Last Song' and Liam Hemsworth and Miley Cyrus star in it.

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Q: What is Mileys movie called Miley says goodbye or the last song?
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Is Miley Cyrus going to be good in the movie wings?

yeah mileys awesome at everything she does.

Who is the leading man miley in Hannah Montana the movie?

The leading man/boy is Lucas Till who plays a guy called Travis and becomes MIleys new crush in the movie.

When does miley says goodbye movie come out?

it is not coming out/ever

What is mileys new movie called?

The Last Song

Dose miley have a boyfriend if yes what name?

mileys boyfriend is Liam heads worth they met on the set of the last song (her new movie)

What is the song called that miley sings in the movie love song?

When I Look At You by Miley Cyrus (: And the movie is called Last Song

What is the horse called that miley rides on called in Hannah Montana the movie?

Miley horse is called Blue Jeans!

Can you get a CD by Miley Cyrus that has all of her songs on it?

Well sorta you can get all the songs of Miley from the movie the CD is called Miley Cirus Movie

What is the name of the movie starring Miley Cyrus as Penny?

High School Musical 2. Mileys is seen in a very brief cameo dancing in the final 'pool scene'. She had no speaking role.

When does mileys movie come out?

it already came out in cinemas!

What is Mileys favorite Disney movie?

Parent Trap.

What is the name of mileys first movie?

Big Fish