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Her fave. tv show is Friends.

Miley Cyrus's favorite show is Americas Next Top Model!

Laguna Beach and The Hills

Hannah Montana

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Miley Cyrus's favorite show is Americas Next Top Model!

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Grey's Anatomy and Friends

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Q: What is Miley Cyrus' favorite TV show?
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Teenage characters in a tv show?

Miley Cyrus

Who is Roby Ray Cyrus?

Robby Ray Cyrus is the character Billy Ray Cyrus, who plays on the TV show Hannah Montana. And he is Miley Cyrus dad to, and she is playing Hannah Montana/Miley Stewart in the show.

Why Miley Cyrus?

Miley Cyrus is Miley Cyrus because she changed her name in 2008 from Destiny Hope Cyrus to Miley Ray Cyrus. She did this because her nickname as a child was "smiley" because she was ALWAYS smiling as a baby. Later in her life, "smiley" was shortened to the name Miley. When she legally changed her name she changed it to Miley RAY Cyrus after her dad. Billy RAY (MILEY RAY!)

What was Miley Cyrus's first award?

YearNominated workAwardResult2008"See You Again"Winning SongWonGolden Globe AwardsYearNominated workAwardResult2008"I Thought I Lost You"Best Original SongNominated Golden Raspberry AwardsYearNominated workAwardResult2009"Hannah Montana: The Movie"Worst ActressNominated Gracie Allen AwardYearNominated workAwardResult2008"Hannah Montana"Outstanding Female Lead in a Comedy SeriesWon2009"Miley Cyrus"Outstanding Female Lead in a Comedy SeriesWon Kids' Choice AwardsYearNominated workAwardResult2007"Hannah Montana"Favorite TV ActressWon2008Won"Miley Cyrus"Favorite Female SingerWon2009Won"Bolt"Favorite Voice From an Animated MovieNominatedHannah Montana cast and crewFavorite TV ShowNominated"Hannah Montana"Favorite TV ActressNominated2010"Miley Cyrus"Favorite TV ActressNominatedFavorite Movie ActressWonFavorite Female SingerNominated2011"Miley Cyrus"Favorite TV ActressPendingFavorite Movie ActressPending"Hannah Montana"Favorite TV ShowPending"Miley Cyrus"Favorite Female SingerPendingBig HelpPending Nickelodeon_Australian_Kids'_Choice_Awards">Nickelodeon Australian Kids' Choice AwardsYearNominated workAwardResult2008"Miley Cyrus"Fave International SingerWonFave International TV StarWon2009Fave International TV StarNominatedFave International SingerNominated2010"The Last Song"Fave Movie StarWonFave KissWon"Miley Cyrus"Cutest CoupleNominated Nickelodeon_UK_Kids'_Choice_Awards">Nickelodeon UK Kids' Choice AwardsYearNominated workAwardResult2007"Miley Cyrus"Best TV ActressNominated2008"Hannah Montana"Favorite Female TV StarWon MuchMusic Video AwardsYearNominated workAwardResult2008"Start All Over"Best International Artist VideoNominated2009"The Climb"Best International Artist VideoNominated2010"Party in the U.S.A."Best International Artist VideoWonUR Fave: International VideoNominated MTV AwardsMTV_Movie_Awards">MTV Movie AwardsYearNominated workAwardResult2009"The Climb"Best Song From A MovieWon"Hannah Montana: The Movie"Breakthrough Performance FemaleNominated MTV_Video_Music_Awards">MTV Video Music AwardsYearNominated workAwardResult2008"7 Things"Best New ArtistNominated2009"7 Things"Best Editing in a VideoNominated Los_Premios_MTV_Latinoamérica">Los Premios MTV LatinoaméricaYearNominated workAwardResult2009"Miley Cyrus"Fashionista Award - FemaleNominatedBest Pop Artist - InternationalNominated MTV_Europe_Music_Awards">MTV Europe Music AwardsYearNominated workAwardResult2008"Miley Cyrus"Best New ActNominated2010"Miley Cyrus"Best FemaleNominated"Miley Cyrus"Best PopNominated People's Choice AwardsYearNominated workAwardResult2010"Miley Cyrus"Favorite Breakout Movie ActressWonFavorite Web CelebNominated Teen Choice AwardsYearNominated workAwardResult2006"Miley Cyrus"TV Breakout StarNominated2007"Hannah Montana"Choice TV Actress: ComedyWon"Miley Cyrus"Choice Summer ArtistWon2008"Hannah Montana"Choice TV Actress: ComedyWon"Miley Cyrus"Choice Music: Female ArtistWon"Miley Cyrus"Choice Most Fanatic FansNominated"See You Again"Choice Music: SingleNominated"7 Things"Choice Summer: SongNominated2009"Before the Storm"Choice Summer: SingleWon"Miley Cyrus"Choice Music: Female ArtistNominated"Hannah Montana"Choice TV Actress: ComedyWon"Hannah Montana"Choice TV Show: ComedyWon"Hannah Montana: The Movie"Choice Movie: LiplockNominatedChoice Movie Actress: Music/DanceWonChoice Movie Hissy FitWon"Miley Cyrus"Female HottieNominatedChoice Celebrity Dancer: FemaleNominatedChoice Red Carpet Icon: FemaleNominated"The Climb"Choice Music: SingleWon2010"The Last Song"Choice Movie Actress: DramaNominatedChoice Movie: DramaNominatedChoice Movie: ChemistryNominatedChoice Movie: LiplockNominatedChoice Movie: Hissy FitWon"Miley Cyrus and Max Azria"Choice Fashion: Celebrity Fashion LineWon"Miley Cyrus"Choice Red Carpet Fashion Icon: FemaleNominatedChoice Other: Fanatic FansNominatedChoice Music: Female ArtistNominated"When I Look At You"Choice Music: Love SongWon"Can't Be Tamed"Choice Music: SingleNominated"Miley Cyrus"Choice Summer: Music Star - 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Gold OttoWon

What are Miley Cyrus favorite movies?

Miley Cyrus favorite movie is called Steel Magnolias. And her favorite TV shows are The Hills and Laguna Beach.

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Mileys favorite TV show?

Miley Cyrus?

What is Miley Cyrus' favourite TV channel?

Miley Cyrus' favorite T.V. channel is Disney channel of course.

What are Miley Cyrus favourite tv show?

her show

Who is that Miley Cyrus?

Miley Cyrus is a Disney channel star on the TV show HANNAH MONTANA she is a Actress and a singer.

What is Miley Cyrus's favourite tv show?


Teenage characters in a tv show?

Miley Cyrus

Which school does Miley Cyrus go to?

Miley Cyrus dose not go to a school she has a tutor at her TV show Hannah Montana

Why did Miley Cyrus move?

Miley Cyrus moved to California to film Hannah Montana, the very popular TV show.

What year did Miley Cyrus start her tv show?

Mileyy cyrus's tv show "hannah montana" started in 2006.

How did Miley Cyrus get her own TV show?

Miley Cyrus is very talented AS a singer and an actress because of this and her fathers talented voice aswell!

What is Miley Cyrus' name before the name Miley?

Full Name: Destiny Hope Cyrus. Name Now: Miley Cyrus the reason for that is because of her television show 'Hannah Montana' on Disney channel ;)

How old was Miley Cyrus when she starred in her father's tv show?