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This is a modification over Taylor's plan. In this, a minimum base wage is not guaranteed. A worker's wage is calculated as follows:

(i) When output (O) is less than 83% of standard output (SO), scheme for wage (W) is equal to piece rate scheme.

(ii) When 83% of (S) < O < 100% of (SO); W = 110% of piece-rate.

(iii) When O > 100% of (SO); W = 120% of piece rate.


Efficient workers are rewarded handsomely.


(i) Wide gap in slabs of differential wage rate

(ii) Over emphasis in high production rate

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Q: What is Merrick's multiple piece rate system?
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What are the advantages and disadvantages of straight piece rate system?

The disadvantage of the straight piece rate system is that there is no special incentive for the special effort. The advantage is that it has high productivity which helps in spreading the load.

What is the difference between piece rate system and time wage system?

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What is time rate system and piece rate system?

The first is pay based on how long you work, the second is based on how much you turn out.-

What is piece rate system?

It is a compensation system in which a worker is paid a set amount for each item he or she produces.

What does piece rate mean?

Piece-rate pay gives a payment for each item produced - it is therefore the easiest way for a business to ensure that employees are paid for the amount of work they do. Piece-rate pay is also sometimes referred to as a "payment by results system"

The disadvantages of straight piece rate with and without guaranteed minimum wage system?

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Disadvantages of Piece-Rate System of Wages?

A disadvantage to piece rate is that employees in a factory for example may rush their work in order to receive more pay. As a consequence of this, quality of production will decrease.

What is straight piece rate system?

It is the simplest method of payment. under this method payment is made according to the number of units produced at a fixed rate per unit

Which organizations use piece rate?

Sam Collett industries is one of the leading global manafacturers for glass female toys. They are an example of a business which is local to me and very special to my wife which i know to have used a piece rate system Hope this helped

What is MERRICK'S differential piece-rate system?

MERRICK'S differential piece-rate system is a compensation system where employees are paid different rates for completing tasks based on their level of performance. It aims to incentivize higher productivity by rewarding employees who work faster or produce higher-quality work. This system helps to motivate employees to perform at their best and can lead to increased efficiency and output in the workplace.

What is the difference between time rate and piece rates?

On time rate you are paid for the number of hours worked. On piece rate you are paid for the quantity of goods you produce.

Explain the time rate system and piece rate system?

The time rate system is that system of wage payment in which the workers are paid on the basis of time spent by them in the factory. Under this system, the workers and employees are paid wages on the basis of the time they have worked rather than the volume of output they have produced. Hence, according to this system, wages are paid on hourly, weekly or monthly basis. Under time rate system, the wages earned by a worker is determined by using the following formula. Wages Earned = Time spent(Attended) x Wage rate per hour/day/week/month