What is MSI?

Updated: 4/28/2022
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There's a band called MSI (AKA Mindless Self Indulgence).

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Q: What is MSI?
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Is little Jimmy Urine from MSI gay?

No. He is married to a woman.The lead singer from Morning Wood

Did msi break up?

No but seeing as they are all getting older, LynZ got pregnant and Steve is now a father they are probably just slowing down, they are still very active on Twitter and Myspace blogging, and actually said they will be releasing news very soon (tomorrow i think) lets just hope its not another remix album haha

Who is lynz way sister?

Lindseys sister is a 36 year female who's name is Amy. She lives in Norwich, CT with her husband of 5 years named Jason. She works full time as an EMT. Amy and Lindsey grew up in CT. Where Amy still lives along with their mom. You can met her sister if you call 911 and live in Norwich or if MSI is in CT she will be where ever they are playing. Amy looks just like Lindsey but heavier and she is a very nice down to earth person and very cool to hang with.

Did Gerard and Kat Von D date each other?

If your talking about Kat von D, then no. He's rumoured to be dating Lyn Z from MSI ------ His old gf's name was Kat (not Kat Von D). They broke up in 2006 after being together for 6 years.

Is jimmy urine a racist?

In the immortal words of Lenny Bruce, "It's the suppression of the word that gives it the power, the violence, the viciousness." Mindless Self Indulgence is NOT racist, and the usage of some not-so-PC words in their songs is not indicative of the bands hatred or distaste for any culture, creed, or ethnicity. MSI's fans come in all shapes, sizes, and colors, and are all welcomed with opened-arms no matter what they look like, or where they're coming from. It is true, many critics have questioned the band for using the word "*igger" in their songs -- they unfortunately are not taking the time to think about the bands satirical take on hip-hop music and culture, and their otherwise brash attitude in regards to the established quota of what society deems "the norm." Why is it deemed acceptable for Clifford Smith (AKA Method Man) to bust out on "Bring The Pain," but it is "in poor taste" for Jimmy Urine to do the same? It is a great song Mindless Self Indulgence wanted to cover -- should great music be restricted by nationality or race? Should we really waste our time dissecting this kind of the thing in the world we live in today? We think not.

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