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There is no famous person with the name Lyle Scott. There is, however, a popular online clothing company that is named Lyle & Scott. For more information about the company and its products, visit the company's official website.

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Q: What is Lyle Scott best known for?
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Can you buy lyle and Scott from primark?

Nope, they have a few logos which look similar to primark but it isn't lyle and Scott. Primark Polo - £4 Lyle and Scott Polo - £40

Where can one purchase a Lyle and Scott jumper?

You may purchase a Lyle & Scott jumper from their online website. Also you may be able to purchase or rent a Lyle & Scott jumper in a local classified ad.

Where is lyle and Scott made?


Lyle scott's mission statement?


Where can one find some Lyle and Scott Polo clothes for sale?

Lyle and Scott Polo clothes are available to buy from their website. Alternatively you can buy them from ASOS or Amazon. If you'd prefer to try before you buy, House of Fraser stock the Lyle and Scott Brand.

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Is Le Breve the same brand as Lyle and Scott?


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