What is Lil Wayne dads name?

Updated: 4/28/2022
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Dwayne Michael carter

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Dwayne Michael Carter.

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Q: What is Lil Wayne dads name?
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What is lil Wayne's real daddy's name?

Lil' Wayne's dads name is the same as Lil' Wayne minus the jr. It is Dwayne Michael Carter.

What is Lil Wayne's real dads name?

Dwayne Michael Turner.

What is lil Wayne mom and dads name?

jotica and Michael Dwayne Carter.

Who is Lil Wayne's brothers name?

is lil Wayne lil twist brother

Why is lil Wayne last name carter?

Lil Wayne's last name is Carter. Wayne ; Carter .

What is lil Wayne mamma name?

Lil Wayne's mother's name is Jocita Carter.

Lil Wayne's dads name?

his fathaz da birdman fool cant believe u didnt no dat but thea ya go DAMN!!!!!!

What really is Lil Wayne's sister's name?

Lil Wayne's sister's name is Anita Carter.

What is Marvin Wayne Rogers dads name?

Wayne Rogers

What is the real name of lil Wayne?

Lil Wayne's real name is Dwayne Micheal Carter Jr.

What was Batman's dads name?

Thomas Wayne

Do Lil Wayne have a child name weezy?

No. Lil Wayne calls himself Weezy.