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Copy Ninja Kakashi and Kakashi of the Sharingan

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Q: What is Kakashi hatake's nickname?
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Is there anymore hatakes?

So far in the manga and anime, it has not been shown about other 'hatakes'. But we do know that kakashi's father is dead. But that's really about it. The rest is obscured in the perplexities of this story.

Who plays Kakashi hatakes voice?

in the Japanese version:Kazuhiko Inoue English version: Dave Wittenberg

Who seen Kakashi mask?

If you have the Naruto Database Book 3, you WILL see Kakashi's true face! If you don't belive me, go to and type in "Kakashi Hatakes face unveiled!

What is the 4th Hokages name?

Minato Uzamaki he is Naruto's dad and Jeria's student his nickname is the YELLOW FLASH STUDENTS: KAKASHI, RIN, and TOBI

Why does hatake Kakashi have a mangeyou sharingan?

when obito gave kakashi the sharingan the sharingan evolved as kakashi grew besides kakashi is the son of the white fang so kakashi's bloodline is from powerful ninjas

Does Kakashi have a daughter?

No, Kakashi doesn't have a daughter.

When was Kakashi created?

Kakashi was created in 2001.

Who plays Kakashi?

The person that plays Kakashi is Kazuhiko Inoue. ( I am a Kakashi Fan! luv him <3!!)

Does Kakashi Hatake have a Family?

His father commited suicide because I think he killed an innocent person. His nickname was the white fang i think

Will Sakura and Kakashi ever be together?

No they won't. Sakura does not have romantic feelings for Kakashi, and Kakashi does not have romantic feelings for her.

What is Kakashi's daughter's name?

Kakashi doesn't have a daughter.

What is the duration of Kakashi?

The duration of Kakashi is 1.43 hours.