What is Julia in Russian?

Updated: 4/28/2022
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Q: What is Julia in Russian?
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How do you say Julia in Russian?

Julia in Russian is pronounced as "ะฎะปะธั" (Yuliya).

When was Julia Gorr born?

Julia Gorr was born on August 2, 1982, in Krasnoyarsk, Russian SFSR, USSR [now Russia].

What is this girl's name anymore info about her?

this sexy 18-year-old Russian idol Julia: i can only know she's Julia from Russian. anymore details about her? e.g. websites, blog.

What does the name Ulia mean?

It is the Russian equivilent to Julia. It means of the line of Julius the last pagan emperior of Rome.

Who are the Russian Miss World winners?

The Miss World winners from Russia were:1992: Julia Kourotchkina2008: Ksenia Sukhinova

What has the author Julia Watson written?

Julia Watson has written: 'Anne of Cleves' -- subject(s): Fiction, History, Queens 'Puffin Book of Funny Verse' 'Russian Salad' 'American Pie' 'Love song'

What are good middle names for the first name of Julia?

Julia Pearl Julia Lucille Julia Madeline Julia Frances Julia Hadley Julia Ines Julia Louise Julia Fay

Who wote the book eves of gold?

"Edges of Gold" was written by Julia Drosten. It is a historical fiction novel set in 1918 depicting the last days of the Russian Empire.

What actors and actresses appeared in Maattrraan - 2012?

The cast of Maattrraan - 2012 includes: Manmohit Kajal Agarwal as Anjali Sarad as Raghu Zeodinis as Russian girl Julia Bliss as Nadya Sachin Khedekar as Ramachandran Irina Maleeva as Russian girl Reda Oumouzoune as Russian Soldier Ajay Ratnam as Ajay Ratnam Isha Sharvani as Special Appearance

How do you say my name is Julia in Italian?

Mi chiamo Julia - my name is Julia or io sono Julia - I'm Julia

What nicknames does Julia Frost go by?

Julia Frost goes by Julia Atherton, Julia Marie, and Julia-Marie Frost.

What is an acronym for JULIA?