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what is juan manuel santos calderon email? for celebrity births deaths and ages

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Q: What is Juan manuel Santos calderon email?
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Who is the current leader of Colombia 2013?

President Juan Manuel Santos Calderon

When was Juan Manuel Santos Calderon elected as the president of colombia?

He was elected on August 7th 2010

How did Juan Manuel Santos Calderon becom president of Colombiaa?

Colombia is a democracy and they have elections, the President Santos was elected during a federal election.

What is the President of Colombia's birthday?

Juan Manuel Santos Calderon, the current President of Colombia's, birthday is August 10, 1951

Where was Juan Manuel Santos was born?

Juan Manuel Santos was born in Bogota, Colombia.

When was Juan Manuel Santos born?

Juan Manuel Santos was born on 1951-08-10.

How tall is Juan Manuel Santos?

Five foot 7

Who is the prime minister for bahams 2013?

Juan Manuel dos Santos

Columbia's current national leaders?

well the president is Juan Manuel Santos

Who is incumbent president of Columbia as of 7th August 2010?

Juan Manuel Santos

What is colombia's president's name?

His name is Alvaro Urive Velez

Where was the president of Colombia born?

Juan Manuel Santos Calderón was born in Bogotá, Colombia.