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Q: What is Jonathan Taylor Thomas' TV name on Home Improvement?
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Who plays Randy on TVs Home Improvement?

The character Randy was played by Jonathan Taylor Thomas.

What is Jonathan Taylor Thomas famous for?

Jonathan Taylor Thomas is a child actor who has done work for Disney. He played in Home Improvement and a spin off of The Brady Bunch, as well as doing some work for animated films such as The Lion King.

Is Josh Thomas straight?

Jonathan Taylor Thomas - real name - Jonathan Taylor Weiss, the American actor has not stated his sexual preference in public. WikiAnswers will not speculate on what is personal and private information to any individual.

What was Jonathon Taylor Thomas' character named on Home Improvement?


How old is Tim Allen's son?

Tim Allen has a son his name is John Taylor Thomas, also he has a daughter named Katherine.-------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------His sons name isn't John Taylor Thomas! That's who playedhis son in Home Improvement.

How old was Jonathan Taylor thomas on season 8 of home improvment?


Why did Jonathan Taylor Thomas didnt do the last episode in season 8?

* Jonathan Taylor Thomas actually did agree to do the last episode but things came up so he couldnt. He was moving on to bigger things in his understand more or to get more information go to search "Home Improvement E True Hollywood Story".After that it gives you up part 1 through 10.

Where is Jonathan Taylor Thomas?

I'm going to assume this is asking where he is career wise... He's done some work fairly recently on several TV shows (Smallville, 8 Simple rules for dating my teenage daughter, Veronica Mars) and he's done some voiceover work. Though, nothing since 2005 I think.

In home improvement who is the father?

Tim Taylor

Who is Jill Taylor?

the only Jill Taylor i know is the one on home improvement

Why did Randy go to Costa Rica in home improvement?

Jonathan Taylor Thomas's departureWhen the seventh season began, however, Mark grew into a teenage outcast who dressed in dark clothing, while Brad became interested in cars like his father and took up soccer. Randy joined the school newspaper, before leaving for Costa Rica in the eighth season episode "Adios." This was done as Jonathan Taylor Thomas wanted to take time off to focus on academics. His last appearance on Home Improvement was the 1998 Christmas episode. Thomas was unwilling to return to the show for the series finale. Tim Allen was upset with his dissision cause instead of Jonathan going to colledge he did some other movies.But later on he did go to colledge.Also Jonathan did agree to do the last episode in seaon 8 but he couldn't because other things came up like to much interviews movies...and more.(you can go on and search "Home Improvement E True Hollywood Story". And it gives you part 1 all the way to part 8 or 10).

Who starred in Home Improvement?

Richard Karn played Al on Home Improvement.