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Q: What is Johnny Canales birthday?
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How old is Johnny canales?


How old is Johnny Canales wife?


How many years has Johnny canales been married?

Two, one boy and one girl

Who is santino canales?

Santino Canales is me

What is the birth name of Susana Canales?

Susana Canales's birth name is Susana Canales Niuce.

When was It's Johnny's Birthday created?

It's Johnny's Birthday was created in 1970.

What is the birth name of Jess Canales DeZamora?

Jess Canales DeZamora's birth name is Jesse Canales Jr..

When was Marisa Canales born?

Marisa Canales was born in 1959.

What is the population of Villa Canales?

Villa Canales's population is 77,638.

When was Viola Canales born?

Viola Canales was born in 1957.

When was Enrique Canales born?

Enrique Canales was born in 1936.

When did Enrique Canales die?

Enrique Canales died in 2007.