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What is jared letos nickname

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Jared Leto goes by J, and Jaro.

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Q: What is Jared Leto's nicknames?
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What is Jared Letos Middle Name?

Joseph Jared Jospeh Leto

When is jared letos birthday?

Actor Jared Leto was born on December 26, 1971

What is Jared Letos favorite food?

His favorite food is popcorn

Where is Jared Letos family from?

bossier city, louisianna, los angeles!

What is Jared Letos favorite animal?

His favorite animal is a wolf

Who is shannon letos brother?

Shannon Leto is the older brother of Jared leto. They both are members of the rock band 30 Seconds To Mars. Jared being the lead singer, and Shannon the drummer.

Where is Jared letos mother an dad?

From an interview I read that Jared Leto's real mam and dad broke up in his earlier life. Both parents remarried and his dad started a family with his new wife.

What nicknames does Jared Lilly go by?

Jared Lilly goes by Jarrie.

What nicknames does Jared Seaich go by?

Jared Seaich goes by Jet.

What nicknames does Jared Knabenbauer go by?

Jared Knabenbauer goes by ProJared.

What nicknames does Jared Poythress go by?

Jared Poythress goes by ArkAngel.

What nicknames does Jared Morrison go by?

Jared Morrison goes by Jub.