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Jamie Borthwick (jay) was with Danielle Harold (lola) for a while but spilt up and is now single!

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not sure buh i dnt think he has

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Q: What is Jamie Borthwick girlfriend called?
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Has jamie borthwick got a girlfriend?

Yes he does

Does Jamie borthwick have a girlfriend?

yess. mee

Does Jamie borthwick want a girlfriend?

Yes because he needs a girlfriend

How can you meet jamie borthwick?

no... but i wish i were his girlfriend, he is well fit

What is the birth name of Jamie Borthwick?

Jamie Borthwick's birth name is Jamie Simon Borthwick.

How old is Jamie Borthwick?

Jamie Borthwick is 23 years old (born June 23, 1994).

How can you contact Jamie Borthwick?


When was Jamie Borthwick born?

Jamie Borthwick was born on June 23, 1994, in Barking, London, England, UK.

Is Jamie Borthwick ginger?


Is Jamie borthwick looking for a girlfriend?

no not really he is only 16 years old he has allot of pals but sorry no he isn't interested in a partner relationship

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Does Jamie Borthwick like blondes or brunettes?