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He doesnt have one.

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I don't think people from Naruto have middle names.

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No, or at least not known yet.

Middle names are not commonly used in Japan so it is unlikely that Sasuke has one.

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uchiha. hes sasuke uchihas bro.

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Does Sasuke have a middle name

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Q: What is Itachi Uchiha's middle name?
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What is Itachi's middle name?

He doesnt have one.

Will both uchihas ever fight and who will win?

yes because sauske been training for years and itachi is blind so its a good chance for sauske to win

How was it the hidden leaf village fault that itachi killed the Uchiha clan?

It is the hidden leaf village elders who ordered the murder of the uchiha clan, and sent itachi to do it. however Sasuke is not upset because his clan was slaughtered by itachi, but because after ordering itachi to kill the uchihas, the hidden leaf village elders forced itachi to become an outlaw. Sasuke (after learning itachi's true past from madara uchiha) is angry at the leaf village's mistreatment and rejection of his (newly) beloved brother.

What is the name of itachi's father?

Itachi's fathers name is Fugaku Uchiha.

Why would Sasuke destroy the village?

'cuz they ordered itachi to destroy their clan... itachi couldn't refuse cuz if he didn't kill his entire clan, a civil war would start in konoha... uchihas were planning to overthrow konoha's government.... itachi didn't want war to start, so he murdered his entire clan to prevent war... turns out, he was a really peace-loving guy

What is Sasuke's brother's name?

Itachi Uchiha part of the Uchiha clan also a member of the akatsuki

What is the name of Itachi's mom?

Itachi's mother is Mikoto Uchiha.

Who is Itachi's brother?

yes his brother's name is Uchiha Sasuke and Sasuke's brother's name is Uchiha Itachi == ==

What does the name Itachi mean?

It can be translated as 'weasel'

Why did deidara have to die?

Deidara was fighting Sasuke who was trying to get to Itachi. Deidara had had enough of being beaten by Uchihas and turned himself into a C0 clay bomb by stuffing C0 chakra into the mouth on his chest and blowing up, committing suicide while exclaiming "ART IS A BANG!". Unfortunately, he was not successful, as Sasuke escaped and lived to defeat Itachi.

Who is Itachi's crush?

itachi has a girl friend he loves her dearly i think her name is samantha..

Does itachi show up in the middle of Sasuke and danzo fight?

In an illusion