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It is a Vocaloid (AKA: singing computer programs) song sung by Meiko, Kaito, Miku, Rin and Len and composed by Yagami-P. It is representative of the vocaloids themselves. The first Alice, Meiko, was new and innovative and struck the path for others to follow. The second, Kaito, was well liked however his popularity didn't last and soon he was forgotten. The third, Miku, was a 'Queen'. Extremely popular and will 'reign' for eternity. Finally, the twins whom are the fourth Alice follow the path left to them; however their popularity will not last and they will be "killed" by the next "Alice".

It also tells another version of Alice in Wonderland. It's portrayed as a horroresque type of thing, which is probably more accurate. It's about 4 different people who find themselves in this "wonderland" who are refered to as "Alice", just to get the point across. They are all pretty twisted in their own way, and wind up getting killed because of it. The song is pretty uh... Unique... Definetly puts a whole different spin on the original Alice in Wonderland...

First is a strong woman (Meiko) who represents Spades. She slays all in her way. She gets captured, and eventually killed.

Second is a fragile, yet beautiful singer (Kaito), who represents Diamonds. He sings demented, yet wonderful sounding songs. He gets killed by a madman because of it, but it appears the madman was actually himself.

Third is a manipulative girl (Miku), who represents Clubs. She's so charming and beautiful, that she rises to become the Queen. Everyone is at her command... However, she lets paranoia get the best of her - making the dream become a nightmare - and dies.

Fourth is the twins who search all of Wonderland, seeing all the events that happened to the other three by opening doors. They represents Hearts (Len and Rin). Upon opening the fourth door, Rin is killed by her other half - Len. Probably because all the images he had saw warped his mind or some such.

Short version: Everyone dies but Len - who continues to wonder Wonderland alone.

A very good English version can be seen here:

Actually there is no true way to tell, because everyone tells it differently and takes it differently. Some are Miku kills Rin & Len, or Meiko kills them, or like the answer above, Len kills Rin and everyone, either way they always die. Youtube has many different things, so maybe that tells you a little bit more.^w^

There is also a voice drama that provides a bit of background regarding the characters (of course this is only a point of view and not connected to the real song):

Meiko isn't evil she just wants to get out of wonderland and she figures if she kills everyone than she will be returned to normal

Kaito was color blind and he found out the only time he could see color was when someone bled. He went mad and shot himself.

Miku was afraid of death and wanted to live forever. She felt herself getting sick and knew she had to take action. Her darker side took over and she got lost in her obsession.

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Alice human sacrifice is killing because they need a body,blood,ect.but when it says Alice human sacrifice,it means Alice is sacrificing others.

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Q: What is Human sacrifice Alice?
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