What is Henry afraid of?

Updated: 4/28/2022
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an ambush

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Q: What is Henry afraid of?
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As Henry's approached his regiment he was afraid the men would do what?

As Henry approached his regiment, he was afraid the men would taunt and insult him.

Was Henry Fonda afraid of horses?


Was Henry ford afraid of the dark in the full moon?


Use acrophobia in a sentence?

Henry suffers from acrophobia; he's abnormally afraid of being in high places.

Did Patrick Henry support the Virginia plan?

Patrik Henry Did support the Virginia plan ,however he was very afraid of a strong central government and thought that it would just develop into a monarchy.

Why was Patrick Henry not at the constitutional convention?

He said he "smelt a rat" and refused to go. He was afraid of the inevidable formation of a national government.

Why does Henry VIII let his servants eat in the great watching chamber?

So he can see if any get sick since he was afraid he might be poisoned.

Be afraid be very very afraid?

Actually its be afraid, be very afraid.

Why did the nobles support Henry Bolingbroke in the rebellion against Richard II?

The nobles were afraid that the king might treat them the same way he treated Bolingbroke, by seizing their lands and banishing them.

Who invented horn?

The first automobile with a horn would have been put there by Henry Ford. Horns have been used for a very long time. I'm afraid you'll have to be more specific.

How do you make sentence using afraid?

Do not be afraid. There is nothing to be afraid of.

Is afraid a noun adjective or pronoun?

The word 'afraid' is an adjective, a word used to describe a noun.The adjective 'afraid' is most often used as a predicate adjective (subject complement), an adjective following a linking verb that restates the subject of the sentence.Examples:Jack is afraid of snakes. (Jack = afraid)I was afraid that you couldn't make it. (I = afraid)Afraid she'd miss the bus, Mary ran out without her lunch. (afraid = Mary)