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Hanna Marin is "the popular girl" in school, she's gorgeous. After she lost a whole lot of weight, that is. (; Now that everyone follows her style... She is a little stuck up, knowing no one will do anything about it. Hanna can be sweet, but for the most part, she will say it how it is. She sure as hell isn't afraid of the truth. She is a little boy crazy, and for the most part, she knows how to get them boys wrapped around her finger. Hanna seeks the truth, and since these "A" texts started, all she has wanted is some answers. Hanna is daring, brave, and courageous. Although, here lately... When she figured out her former best friend, Mona, (who in the books ends up dead) was "A" because she was out for revenge for the four bestfriends: Spencer, Emily, Aria, & Hanna. Hanna is starting to show us her soft side, because in the series, her best friend Mona who she figured out was "A" was obviously a b**** for doing all that mean stuff... You could tell Hanna didn't want to let go of her only middle school best friend.

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Q: What is Hanna Marin's personality?
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