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Q: What is Greg Focker's occupation in Meet the Fockers?
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Who Played Greg Fockers mother in Meet the Fockers?

Barbra Striesand

Who starred in Meet the Parents as the parents of Greg?

In Meet the Parents we never got to meet Greg Fockers parents. It wasn't until Meet the Fockers that we were introduced to Bernie and Rozalin Focker. They were played by Dustin Hoffman and Barbra Streisand.

What is the name of all focker movies?

little fockers meet the parents and meet the fockers

How many movies is there of meet the fockers?

There are three meet the parents meet the fockers and little fockers

Which came first meet the parents or meet the fockers?

No. "Meet The Fockers" Is the sequel to "Meet The Parents".

When was Meet the Fockers created?

Meet the Fockers was created on 2004-12-22.

Where do Greg Focker's parents live in the 2004 movie Meet the Fockers?


How much money did meet the fockers gross?

Meet the Fockers grossed $516,567,575 worldwide.

What was Greg Fockers mother in law's name?

Blythe Danner portrayed Dina Byrnes, Greg's mother-in-law in the two Meet the Parents movies starring Ben Stiller.

How much money did Meet the Fockers gross worldwide?

Meet the Fockers grossed $516,567,575 worldwide.

What is the second movie in the Meet The Parents movie series?

Yes, Meet the Parents is the first out of the two movies. The second movie is Meet the Fockers and the third movie is Little Fockers.

How much money did Meet the Fockers gross domestically?

Meet the Fockers grossed $279,167,575 in the domestic market.