What is FML on Faceboo?

Updated: 4/28/2022
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F*ck my life

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Q: What is FML on Faceboo?
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1234 FML st. SIRYA , MARS

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What is faceboo?

you prob ment facebook

What is bella thornes faceboo name?


What is fml in texting?

Fml Stands for F*ck My Life....

What does 'fml kmp' mean in text messaging?

youm know what fml>>>>>>>..........

What are the release dates for FML - 2013?

FML - 2013 was released on: USA: 2013

Which south American countries have developed large industries?

fml man fml

What was the first FML?

Today, in class, I was sitting next to the guy that I fancy. Shyly, I write our initials (L and A) into a heart on his hand to see his reaction… "I love Los Angeles too!" FML The answer above me is partially correct. The original first FML was removed from the site; the only FML's that are indexed start with #6. The FML above is that number 6. I found out from archives that this is the first ever FML: Today, I dropped my keys in the sewer. The duplicates are inside my locked car. FML

What does fml mean in a text?

f*** my life

Is FML a sport?


What is FML chat room?

FML is an Internet slang term that stands for "F*ck My Life"

What are the release dates for Fml - 2011 I?

Fml - 2011 I was released on: USA: 31 March 2011

How do you post an FML?

You have to make an acount, and there is an option to send your fml to the admin, but they haveto approve it, and they probably wont