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Michael (as confirmed by the man himself)

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Q: What is Emmet Cahill of Celtic Thunder's middle name?
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How tall is Emmet Cahill of celtic thunder?

Emmet is 5'10 i believe

Who is replacing paul byrom of Celtic thunder?

Emmet Cahill

What is Emmet Cahill's middle name?


what is Emmet Cahill's middle name?


Is emmet cahill married?

As of my last update, Emmet Cahill is not married.

Who are members of Celtic thunder band?

Damian Mcginty, Keith Harkin, Neil Byrne, Ryan Kelly, George Donaloson, Emmet Cahill

What is Emmet's middle name?

Emmett's middle name is McCarty

Who is Emmet Cahill?

Apparently he's a "irish classical singer" that will be (or is) with Celtic Thunder, a year or two older than Damian Mc Ginty, big voice, he does weddings, reminds some of Josh Gorban* (that star means that the name or word is misspelled), Cahill likes attending music and sporting events,and loves listening to music and playing the guitar. I am a fan of Celtic Thunder so let's see how he does, shall we? - W. Lunaris

When did damian mcginty start Celtic thunder?

Damian McGinty, Keith Harkin, Ryan Kelly and Paul Byrom are all from Ireland and George Donaldson is from Scotland. Auditions were held initially when Celtic Thunder was formed and the cream of the crop turned out to be the original Celtic Thunder. When Paul Byrom decided to retire from Celtic Thunder auditions were held again and Emmet Cahill was added to the group from the 2nd round of auditions.

Who are the members of Celtic Thunder?

The members of Celtic Thunder are; George Donaldson, Ryan Kelly, Keith Harkin, Neil Byrne, Emmet Cahill, Damian McGinty, and Paul Byrom. Paul Byrom has decided to pursue his own career, but he will still join Celtic Thunder occasionally for special events, or shows.

Is Emmett Cullens middlename dale?

Emmet does not have a middle name. His full name is Emmet Cullen, but he was born as Emmet McCarty.

Doc browns middle initial was l in Back to the Future what did it stand for?

His name is Emmet Lathrop brown